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diamond subsurfasce laser marking

Logo or QR Code beneath the Diamond Surface



   We are introducing our innovative and cutting edge Diamond Security Marking System called "SCDiamark". The system is capable of inscribing a mark beneath the diamond surface, 2D or 3D logo marking and serial number or QR code marking within the bulk of the diamond without affecting the polished surface. The mark can be placed upto half a millimeter depth and with various font thickness to make it microscope visible or loupe visible. Our technology uses an ultrafast laser (without any complicated and expensive optics) to quickly put the subsurface mark, no significant energy going inside the diamond, hence negligible changes to the crystal structure and lattice quality, stress level. The system is suitable for natural and Lab-Grown polished diamonds, it can also be used on plates or block shape diamonds, or on a diamond Seed Substrates for tracking and inventory management during the growth process in the reactor. Contact us for more information, or investment opportunities    Video: 

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